Connecticut Paintings

I'm finally back from Connecticut! I managed to do a bunch of watercolors while I was gone, so some might wait to be Flashback Fridays in the future, but here's some of the Connecticut-themed ones! While I was in CT I visited a friend at Yale. He was running earlier than expected (read: "on time") so I didn't have time to finish this plein air, but I did manage to get the pencil sketch down before he met me. I did the painting in my house later. While I was in New Haven, my friend took me to a restaurant near his apartment and we had excellent burgers and fries. While waiting for the check, he was texting and we decided that if he can text at the table it's only fair that I get to sketch! Di

Flashback Friday: Central Park

Two to make up for the lack of last week's Flashback Friday post! I did both of these in the same day. I remember having pleasant conversations with people on the bench next to me while doing each sketch, many adorable dogs, and even someone taking my photo while sketching! (She asked very nicely first, though). Looking forward to more days like this, soon, now that the weather is getting nicer. Also, once I'm back home from a two week stint in Connecticut (halfway through!) I'll be able to scan in my work and do a round-up of some things I've been up to. In the meantime, I've been instagramming my work (even if you don't have instagram, you can check it out in the instagram feed on the righ

Remembering Italy

I decided to give myself a break from chores and errands this weekend, and paint a photo I took in Italy. This particular project was chosen based on colors I wanted to try out from my Daniel Smith Watercolor Sheets (some new tubes will probably shortly join my collection). Dr. Ph Martin's Concentrated Watercolors were added to the mix to push the darks more than the average watercolors. I originally bought them for costume design in college! I used a pen for the really small details. I'm pleased with the result!

Subway round up!

I had a struggle yesterday drawing people on my commute, but luckily this week I've had a lot of other good subjects so I'm going to omit yesterdays! I had to draw this guy in two parts since someone stood right in my way for the majority of the trip. Luckily, when I had the break in the middle and needed someone else to draw, this man walked onto the subway, and clearly I had to draw him. I love New York! Others from the weekend include:

Joining the Digital Age

Today, I finally (emphasis on FINALLY) got a real smart phone. I called my old phone a "not-as-smart-as-it-thinks-it-is" phone. It could (sort of) get internet and occasionally an app would run, but couldn't do nearly all the things smart phones are supposed to do. But now I have a phone that allows apps and doesn't randomly vibrate in the middle of tasks and go to the home page without being asked (when technology fails me, it fails me in surprising and creative ways), and therefore my instagram account is now active! In honor of that I went out in the cold (though not as cold as it could have been) to do a quick 20-minute sketch in Prospect Park to have something to instagram! Here's a sca

Friday's Subway Sketches

I had a productive day in subway sketches! This morning's was a man with really distinct features, and also a departure from me (he was awake, alert, and not reading anything!). The challenge was he kept turning his head (and making me very sorry I didn't start sketching him in complete profile!) but luckily I had the entire train ride (25 minutes or so) to work. My evening drawing is of an adorable woman who was doing a crossword puzzle, and was absolutely delighted by the equally adorable boy who hopped up on the seat next to her. A little less time taken (I only started when I was sure she'd stay on over the bridge), but a guy came onto the train and stood in my way so the added obstacle

Flashback Friday: Columbus Circle

Today's post contains two views of Columbus circle, the first I did in a couple of hours in August, and the second I did in about a half hour in December (sitting on the subject of the first painting). I was here today so I thought of these!

New Exciting things!

New toys make for a happy painter! For Christmas I received a printer and scanner (thanks Santa!), and since December the scanner has been on my desk and the printer has been on the floor next to the desk. Not the best system. Last week I went to Ikea and got an Alex drawer unit, in the hopes it might be able to house all of my new technology. And it does! Printer goes on top, and once I drilled a hole through the drawer unit and the back of the top drawer for cords, the top drawer holds the scanner! Now when I want to scan something I just pull out the top drawer, and when I'm done it gets stored out of sight. I'm very pleased with my Ikea-hack! The rest of the drawers hold things that I di

On the Subway: A Young Artist at Work

Last night on the train home from getting my hair cut, a little girl was sketching furiously in a notebook, balanced on her bright pink backpack. I wish I had gotten more of her in the sketch before she moved, but as I didn't you'll have to take my word for it that she was wearing a skirt with tights and tiny black cowboy boots.

A Whirlwind New England Weekend

It turned out to be a very good thing that I posted one of my Grand Central sketches as last week's flashback Friday, as when I traveled through on my way to Connecticut I didn't have time for anything but lunch! Therefore, my first sketch of the trip is one I did at New Haven's Union Station, while I was waiting for a friend to get out of a meeting so we could go to an improv show. Luckily, I had a little over an hour. Unluckily, it was at twilight and the light was changing faster than I could paint! After the improv show (in Hartford) I stayed with another friend overnight, and then in the morning headed to Boston to visit Anna and Dan. I didn't sketch anything on Saturday (you will have

Last Friday's Subway Sketch

I call this "Man Whose Coat Looks and Acts as a Sleeping Bag." I was particularly please with the composition in this one!


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