Portugal Sketchcation: Day 4

AND SO IT BEGINS! The first day of the Urban Sketching Symposium has arrived! My housemates and I left to get breakfast before registration (read: eat more pastel de nata!) and sketched the view from our table. Registration was a big deal this year because you sign up for the demo you will be seeing upon arrival rather than in advance, so best get in early to avoid getting closed out of the demo you're interested in! We also got our swag bags full of goodies from the sponsors. While waiting in line it was great to catch up with friends from last year, and make some new ones! There were over 800 (!!!) sketchers in town for the event. After registering, chatting, and selling still more Woodwar

Portugal Sketchcation: Day 3

I decided to spend my last full pre-symposium day exploring on my own. I started the day by meeting up with a couple of people who reserved Woodward and Father boards, which led me down by the river. I sat down and naturally thought, "oh, I'll do a nice quick warm up sketch." Nearly three hours later, I had this sketch of the bridge. No regrets! Though my original intent was to get a lot of sketching accomplished, I mostly ended up wandering around and taking photos. I ran into one of my NYC urban sketcher buddies and we crossed the bridge (I have so. many. photos. from this that will hopefully one day become paintings!). After going our separate ways (and after I got myself another pastel d

Portugal Sketchcation: Day 2

First full day in Portugal! First off we headed into town in search of breakfast and sketching. I had a delicious crostini with a pastel de nata (a Portuguese custard pastery pictured below, also my new obsession!) on the side. While we were waiting for our food, one of my travel companions, Shawne, asked if we could borrow some of their sardine packages they had for sale to draw at the table. And they let us! Weirdly, this is one of my favorite sketches from the trip. Thanks, Shawne! We then walked around for a while before settling on a good sketching location. It was hard to choose what to sketch, the stores, the great church with its full side of tile work. So I just chose to do all of i

Portugal Sketchcation: Day 1

Real Day 1 starts at maybe 7:00PM EST with me leaving my apartment and heading to the airport for my 11:25 PM flight. After checking in and getting through security in record time, I walked the terminal for a long time knowing I was about to be spending hours sitting on the plane. Once boarded, I pretty much immediately went to sleep. I was woken up at 1AM EST by the flight crew, who were inexplicably serving dinner. It would be 6AM in Portugal, So I personally feel like maybe this wasn't the right time for a meal. I never really got back to sleep after that, but was pretty comfortable as my seatmate found an unoccupied seat with more legroom available and left me our two seats to myself. I

Packing for Portugal

Just returned from Portugal, and I've come back with so much to share! To start at the very beginning, I want to show you my kit pack! These are the art supplies I brought along. I had two filled palettes (one for checked luggage and one for my carry on. I like having a spare in case at some point something happens to one, I have a spare. Same with the extra pen case of pens and brushes. I was prepared! I didn't need any of these things on this trip.). My usual pen case with pens, brushes, a mechanical pencil and a mechanical eraser. You can see my two Woodward and Father boards (original and large sizes) I took along for the trip, peeking out of the upper right corner. I had plenty of wate

Roosevelt Island

Last Sunday I met with the NYC Urban Sketchers to sketch Roosevelt Island. I walked the full Island perimeter! I started right by the subway station, as it has a gorgeous view of the Queensboro Bridge. Then I moved on to meet up with the group at the Blackwell Island Lighthouse at the northernmost point of the Island. I walked the East side of the Island next, and decided against sketching anything until I hit Four Freedoms park. I did this quick one of the Chrysler Building, because the light on it was impossible to resist! Last, I sketched the Pepsi-Cola sign on the banks of Long Island City, across the river. All in all, a productive day of sketching!

I'm back!

The past couple of months have been bonkers, and I now have a lot of art to catch up on! To start, here are two paintings I did for an art show I'm in. It's hanging at the Collier West Annex through August 4th, on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.


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