Learning About Lighting

Let's talk about lighting! It can tell the viewer time of day, change mood, and it can make or break a painting. To convey realistic lighting you must use both value and color to your advantage. If you want to get better at replicating lighting effects, the first step is understanding. Really take time to observe different lighting conditions. A perk of being a theatrical scenic design/paint major in college is that I had to take a lighting design class to graduate. One of our first projects was lighting observations, which required observing light at all times of day, taking photos, and also looking at the works of a number of artists. All of that time spent looking was a great building blo

Another Early 2020 Favorite!

In Spring 2009, I was studying abroad in London. On my Spring Break I visited Italy, seeing Venice, Florence and Rome in two weeks, with my roommate as a travel companion. I took an absurd amount of photos while traveling, which is great because now I have a lot of references to choose from while painting! This one was a favorite from the trip, and I actually had a print of the photo hanging on my wall for a while! It was about time I got around to painting it. The photo was taken a golden hour, or in other words: late in the day when my roommate was over having to stop for me to take photos so it was taken as we were speed-walking past. Said roommate has admitted that she is now grateful fo


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