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How Did I get Here? Part II

After I returned from the semester abroad, I got busy with theatre, time passed and I didn't do much drawing at all outside of my school work. I did pick up some sketchbooking, drawing from my imagination and from photos, mostly while in lecture-style classes (sorry, parental units!). After graduating, watercolor became my default medium-of-choice. I moved around a ton and it was easily the most mobile. I dabbled in some plein air painting while in Virginia, and later in Massachusetts, both while doing summerstock theatre. I watercolored from photos and my imagination while living in Alabama. Even though I would paint for fun here and there, I never really made a habit of it. Throughout the years living in New York and doing summer theatre outside the city, I started to watercolor more and more. Mostly from photos, though occasionally I'd bring my sketchbook to a waterfall or to the beach. This summer, my first summer without officially leaving the city, I finally made a point of watercoloring on a regular basis. I worked outside the city in little one and two week stints, and brought my sketchbook with me. When in the city, I started carrying my watercolor materials with me, and even made a nice, more portable kit for them. Whenever I had a little time to spare I would find something to sketch! Then, in fall, when I was commuting in the city more regularly, I started doing pencil drawings of people on the subway. Over the past few months, several people have asked me if I blog or instagram. I decided it was time to do just that! Both so people can follow, and so I can keep track of my own work and progress. I hope you enjoy!




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