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CA Sketchcation, San Francisco: "The Beach Boys Songs are All Lies"

I should have listened to Mark Twain. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." But when I looked at the weather forecast and it told me it would be in the early 60's, that didn't sound so bad! But then it was in the 50's, and what with the clouds, wind, and fog it definitely felt colder. Next time, I would bring a scarf. Because even though I visited in August, it was definitely October in California! (I even missed the sweltering New York summer. Perhaps I should have my head examined.)

Other than the chill, I enjoyed San Francisco immensely! First stop? Ghirardelli Square. Why? Because I consider chocolate a top priority.

First "real" sketch of the trip, done from a corner of the square.

After that, I was ready to warm up, so I went inside and got salted caramel hot chocolate (delicious and necessary!) Luckily, there was a view through the window so I could sip my beverage from the comfort of my warm table while sketching: a definite improvement.

Once properly warm again, I ventured out to wander the waterfront and the pier, getting my first good look at the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance. I couldn't resist a quick sketch!

I had a few hours left before meeting a friend for dinner, so I headed over to Alamo Square to check out the famous painted ladies. And yes, I painted the painted ladies.

The following day, before meeting up with another friend I haven't seen in way too many years (a running theme of the trip) I went to capture a view I've been wanting to do for a while. I picked up my car and drove to the Presidio in search of a good view of the bridge. And I found it!

Once on my way out of town in the late afternoon, I had to stop to do my first sketch of the Pacific as seen from Route 1. More Pacific sketches to come!




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