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A New Addition to the Home Office

A couple of weeks ago, while prepping for a large lecture AND my art show, my near-ancient Macbook Pro ("Mackers") did what it has been threatening to do for months: it finally kicked the bucket. It can start up and is moderately functional, for getting files off of it, but it no longer connects to my printer properly. It has also decided the internet is overrated and refuses to use it. After a full day of attempting to print materials for my class, I decided to call it quits. It took me less time to run out, buy a new computer (I already knew what I wanted, so that at least was easy!), bring it home, set it up, and finish my printing than I had spent the whole previous day. My new computer, a Mac desktop ("Lady M," because I liked the Scottish Play theme) is fitting in quite nicely! It's lovely working on a larger screen! My ultimate goal is to also add an inexpensive Chromebook into the mix as my travel computer. Will have to decide on a Shakespearean nickname once I've bought it. Here's the new view of my office!




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