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Presenting: Woodward and Father

So, I always get asked about my sketch kit. It's no surprise why, my palette is handmade by me and is perfectly suited to my needs. Likewise, I designed a couple of sketch boards that my Dad was nice enough to make for me. They contain holes for my favorite leak-proof water cup, and all my frequently used pens and brushes. We have now received enough inquiries that it seemed worth it to start an Etsy store selling both the palettes and the boards, so here we are! Woodward and Father: Plein Air Provisions has opened its metaphorical doors, and we're super excited about it! We also are expecting to be able to start selling a larger board size, at 17"x20", as well as other palette sizes in the near future.

Here's me and my Woodward and Father sketch kit in action (Original Sketch Board, Unlimited Palette). That security guard was definitely amused!




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