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Sherlock and Watson do Governor's Island

A fun thing about working in theatre is having a lot of nerdy, nerdy friends that always have fun projects afoot. In this case, my friend Tiffany (who is pretty involved in the Sherlockian society in New York) was running a Sherlock Holmes weekend on Governor's Island. She wanted to kick off Sunday with a sketching hour, with her modeling, dressed as a steampunk take on Sherlock Holmes (worth noting: she is a costumer). Once I had agreed to co-host that event with her (as her time-keeper), I asked if she wanted me to dress up. She suggested if I wanted to, I could come as her Watson. And when Tiffany asks you to be the Watson to her Sherlock, YOU SAY YES! So here are Tiffany and I, in costume. (My hat was borrowed from a friend, tie from Tiffany. Corset is on semi-permanent loan from a friend who doesn't believe she'll ever fit into it again)

Tiffany took this candid of me while I was doing a little warm-up architecture sketch, below.

Then the sketching hour began! We were doing quick 5 minute poses, and I was unprepared. Here's the order they were done in:

Then this last one was a ten minute pose...doubling the time sure does help!

I couldn't leave without doing at least one more sketch from Governor's Island, so I did this hazy, far-off sketch of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, thus adding another NYC bridge to my repertoire. Maybe the GW will be next!




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