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Disney - Part 3

Part 3 means it's time for Hollywood Studios! This was the site of my first sketch, of the Tower of Terror. I won't go on the ride, but it's so fun to paint! It turned out being one of my favorites from the trip. H and I had split up so I could sketch (and go on Star Tours and Rockin' Roller coaster, which was fun enough I went on it twice! Ah, the joy of the single rider line.). As I was sketching this a couple of Disney cast members in character walked into the street a little ways down and started having a very (staged) animated argument over a woman that drew quite the crowd.

One of my favorite parts of Hollywood Studios is the art-deco feeling to the buildings. The atmosphere is great! I wanted to capture one of my favorite views of the main street, but was challenged by rain. Luckily it didn't last long and I had parked myself a few feet from an awning I could hide out under. I also had a very adorable child and her mother stop me to ask lots of intelligent questions, which were a joy to answer. I love when kids are interested in art! Gives me hope for the future. Also while I was working on this I saw two Storm Trooper parades go past, which was really fun (and scary. It was supposed to be scary. They WERE storm troopers, after all!).




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