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Sketch Kit: 2020 Edition

It's happened. I finally splurged on the Etchr field case.

I've also revamped both palettes! Here is what I take around with my nowadays (when I can finally leave the apartment again!)

Etchr Field Case, Woodward and Father Original Sketchboard, Woodward and Father Unlimited Palette or Standard Palette. I also frequently use the Mini sketchboard, and occasionally bring out the large one, depending on where I'm going and what I'm planning on sketching. I sometimes add in other larger brushes if I'm scaling up; from the same brands as mentioned below.


Princeton Velvetouch [Long Round 10, 4, 2; Round 8, 6, 1; Chisel Blender 8]

Raphael Flat 10



I mostly use Fluid Hot Press 140lb hot press because it comes in convenient sizes and takes less time to cut down than other options. I also use Hahnemühle 140lb Hot Press and my favorite is Saunders Waterford hot press (linking to the blocks that I use most often, but I do also get the full sheets). I cut down into tiny paper and keep it in this accordion folder so it's easy to take with me and find the size I'm looking for. I keep all paper 5x7" and larger in a plastic folder. The pouch contains a few of my favorite 2oz Nalgene water cups.

Here are the current contents of my two most-used palettes! Note that the Lavender and Perelyne Maroon are recent additions and I don't know how I feel about them yet.

Daniel Smith=DS

Winsor Newton=WN

M. Graham=MG

1. DS Pyrrol Red

2. WN Rose Dore

3. DS Quinacridone Coral

4. QoR Quinacridone Violet

5. DS Pyrrol Crimson

6. DS Perelyne Maroon

7. Rembrandt Vermillion

8. QoR Transparent Pyrrol Orange

9. DS Quinacridone Sienna

10. DS Quinacridone Deep Gold

11. DS Monte Amiata Natural Sienna

12. DS Piemontite Genuine

13. DS New Gamboge

14. DS Rich Green Gold


16. DS Transparent Brown Oxide

17. DS Hematite Violet Genuine

18. DS Buff Titanium

19. DS Undersea Green

20. DS Green Apatite Genuine

21. DS Cascade Green

22. DS Perelyne Green

23. WN White Gouache

24. Maimer Blu Cobalt Blue Light

25. QoR Cobalt Teal

26. DS Amazonite Genuine

27. DS Manganese Blue Hue

28. QoR Cerulean Blue Chromium

29. DS Cobalt Blue Violet

30. DS Lavender

31. QoR Dioxazine Purple

32. DS Moonglow

33. DS Indigo

34. MG Payne's Gray

1. DS Pyrrol Red

2. QoR Transparent Pyrrol Orange

3. DS Quinacridone Coral

4. QoR Quinacridone Violet

5. Perylene Violet

6. DS Quinacridone Sienna

7. DS Quinacridone Deep Gold

8. DS Buff Titanium

9. DS New Gamboge

10. DS Deep Green Gold

11. QoR Cobalt Teal

12. DS Cascade Green

13. DS Green Amazonite Genuine

14. DS Perylene Green

15. DS Manganese Blue Hue

16. QoR Cerulean Blue Chromium

17. DS Cobalt Blue Violet

18. QoR Dioxazine Purple

19. DS Moonglow

20. DS Indigo

21. MG Payne's Gray

The Standard one needed a bigger redo from last time, since I started using extra colors for all the neon I'm sketching so I had to swap some of those in. It's now a great range for both day and nighttime sketching.

Other parts of my kit? I sometimes use tablet holders on my sketchboards to make them easier to hold. I use this one for my mini sketchboard, and this one (pictured) and these for my original sketchboard.

Other must-haves? A wide-brim sketching hat to keep the sun out of my eyes, a stool (I also use this one a lot!), a foldable cushion for sitting on the ground or hard surfaces for long periods of time, a music stand clip on lamp for nocturnes (and dark museums!), sunscreen, and a portable battery for my phone.




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