*Not currently taking commissions

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Do you take commissions?

Sometimes I do, but my queue is currently closed! When I open the queue, I am unable to take all requests, I try to take on at least a few per month. 


What is pricing like for commissions? 

I price out all projects individually. Because every project is so different, I cannot provide a simple spreadsheet for pricing. If you would like a price quote on a particular project, please feel free to email me! (See next question)

How do I request a commission?

Email me at with a description of the project (photos are helpful! Please note I do not work from video), the size you are interested in, and if you have a timeline I would have to be respectful of. I try to respond to commission requests twice a week rather than daily, so I may not email back immediately. Thank you for your patience!

What is the timeline for commissions?

Officially, I have an eight week turnaround, anything within that timeline will be subject to a rush fee (on a sliding scale depending on when it needs to be sent out). 

Do you paint portraits?

Yes I do! But since they aren't my focus, I don't take portrait commissions often. If you're interested in requesting a commission, please email me (see "How do I request a commission?" above). As with all requests, I might not take it on, but I do consider and respond to all request emails. I only do portrait commissions from photos, not in person.

This painting I love is already sold, can you make me another one?

I don't do replicas of work I've already done. I WILL do the same subject in a similar painting (I frequently do similar views of subjects, in different sizes and different times of day), so feel free to put in a commission request if you're interested in something similar. If what you are looking for is an exact replica of something I've already painted, the best bet is me putting that painting on my Society6 page so you can buy a print. 

Do you do event sketching?

Yes I do! I both sketch events themselves and also do portrait sketching at events. Please feel free to email me at for pricing. 


Why do you sketch so small?

I also paint scenery for theatre, so since I spend so much time painting huge scenery, it's nice to work small too! It's also a fun challenge to see how small you can paint something and still have it look realistic.

What does one do with art that tiny?

You can still frame it and enjoy it! Tiny art looks great as a part of a gallery wall, or displayed on a shelf or desk. I love framing tiny art with a large mat, so it ends up in a much larger frame.


When do you update your shops?

For my Etsy store, at least once a week, if not twice a week, whenever I happen to have time. For my Society6, I try to update every month or so. Drop me an email at if there is a painting you would like a print of that I haven't put in my Society6 yet!

Do you do calligraphy?

Nope! I do sew, knit, embroider and do a whole bunch of other crafty things (I often work making theatre props, so my skillset is diverse), but I've never found the time to learn calligraphy.