Thursday in Bryant Park

A few weeks ago I joined NYC Urban Sketchers in Bryant Park (though I didn't actually see any, it was crowded, but I knew they were there!) It was nice to actually get to sketch in my city. It had been a bit!

Florence Griswold Museum

While working at Goodspeed, I had a three day weekend for Memorial Day. With a little more time to sight-see, I decided to take that Sunday, drive down to Old Lyme and visit the Florence Griswold Museum. The museum is on the site of the Old Lyme Artist's Colony that was operating in the early 20th century. An artist, Henry Ward Ranger, came back from Europe, where artist's colonies were much more popular, and wanted to establish one on this side of the Atlantic. He fell in love with Old Lyme, it's picturesque views and close proximity to New York. Florence Griswold was the daughter of a sailing captain, who inherited her family's house but little else as the dawn of the steam ship ruined her

A Commute to Connecticut

I had a job last week that required a commute out to Connecticut, on my first day the designer was driving me up. He was late, so I waited in a Starbucks and sketched while I waited. On another day, it started to pour, which is only relevant because it's an outdoor space. Since I couldn't paint while it was raining, I took refuge on a porch....and painted while it was raining. The light changed on me a bunch since I finished it while on lunch, but I'm glad to have the opportunity to show that you really can't beat the view from my "office" those two days! Going back to finish up this week.


As someone who works in theatre, Tony Awards Sunday is usually a purely joyful day. It's always fun to watch the show of course, but I always have friends who are going, or who worked on shows nominated (or both!) so my facebook newsfeed is always aflutter with people posting about the event. Sadly, this year the events in Orlando meant my newsfeed had a very different vibe. Instead of discussing who they thought would win or anticipating the evening's festivities, people were posting about the latest mass shooting, and wondering whether their loved ones were accounted for. However, the devastating news reminded me of the Mister Roger's quote: "When I was a boy and I would see scary things i

Catching up on the past month

I've been remiss to have gone almost a month without a post! I've been working a lot in Connecticut and spending lots and lots of time without my scanner, so I'm just now (before I leave again for a five week stint in Massachusetts, so expect another gap in posting! Though hopefully not too bad since I'm scheduling a few posts to launch while I'm gone) getting things scanned in. There's also not as many as usual because I've been working on an embroidery project. That will hopefully be it's own post (possibly while I'm in MA since I don't have to scan anything!). To get this started, here's a quick sketch I did in about fifteen minutes while waiting for a friend before I saw Anastasia at Har


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