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Catching up on the past month

I've been remiss to have gone almost a month without a post! I've been working a lot in Connecticut and spending lots and lots of time without my scanner, so I'm just now (before I leave again for a five week stint in Massachusetts, so expect another gap in posting! Though hopefully not too bad since I'm scheduling a few posts to launch while I'm gone) getting things scanned in. There's also not as many as usual because I've been working on an embroidery project. That will hopefully be it's own post (possibly while I'm in MA since I don't have to scan anything!). To get this started, here's a quick sketch I did in about fifteen minutes while waiting for a friend before I saw Anastasia at Hartford Stage. I had worked a little on paint and mostly on props for the show, and was lucky enough to get to see a preview while I was back in Connecticut again working at Goodspeed Musicals. This is a church across the street from the theatre.




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