Grand Central: In Miniature

You may have noticed I've gotten very into doing tiny sketches (and I may, in fact, be teaching a workshop on the subject here in NYC in September. Stay tuned!). In part, it's because it's a lovely way to fit a much larger subject into a shorter time frame (only have fifteen minutes on lunch? No problem!), but I also love the process of figuring out what will keep a subject recognizable when you shrink it. You learn what's really important to a sketch and what can be omitted, and is something that can translate directly into your larger works as well. Here are two miniature sketches I've done in Grand Central Terminal recently. They are 3x3" and 2x3"!

W Union Square: Two Ways

Even though I live in Brooklyn, I spend a lot of time around Union Square. In part, I love the neighborhood (the Green Market! the Strand!), and in part it is a convenient area to run a lot of errands (Easy access to Blick Art Supplies! Trader Joe's! Dropping off my compost at the Green Market!). I love this hotel and it's bright neon sign, and how it catches light from the setting sun, but hadn't sketched it! So in two warmish back-to-back days in February, I gave it two shots. One nocturne and one by day!


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