Central Park and the Upper West Side

I took myself on a little sketch tour of Central Park and the Upper West Side back in April. You've already seen my Westsider Books sketch, but here are the other ones I did that day! I wanted to do a quick warm-up so I settled down in the field. I then moved over to Bethesda Terrace because it's such a lovely place and I was still feeling like I needed to warm up, and it's great to start with a location I've already done. After painting the fountain I did this little mini 3x3" sketch of the arches leading up the stairs. There was a great singing group hanging out under there and it was nice to be serenaded as I sketched! I proceeded west out of the park and up to the Dorilton, a gorgeous pi

A Walk Across the River

A couple of weeks ago we had a beautiful May Saturday, perfect for sketching. I decided it had been far too long since I had sketched some of our bridges, so I took myself on a sketch walk over the Manhattan Bridge, capturing two views of the Brooklyn Bridge (one in a standard size at 5x7", the other in miniature at 2x3") Afterwards I walked up along the river and caught a shot of the Williamsburg Bridge. After that I headed inland and caught this alley-like sketch of Jersey Street before the skies grew gray and it started to rain. After that I packed it in and called it a day, but overall had a lovely time!

The Constant Marquees

A bonus of living in New York City, when you love to paint nocturnes, is the never ending cycle of Broadway shows with brilliant and completely sketchable marqees. Here are a handful I've done that I haven't posted yet! They are all very different sizes and I took different amounts of time to make them. But the concept of paying attention to the value of the lighting and where my lightest lights and darkest darks are stays the same! The hardest thing about nocturnes in watercolor is thinking ahead to how dark you're going to go and making sure your lights and midtones have enough color so that when that dark paint is added afterwards, they don't become completely pale.

Lincoln Center

Last month I went sketching with NYC Urban Sketchers at Lincoln Center. It has tons of great angles and is always a joy to sketch! I had a lot of fun with the reflections in the windows. Here's another I did last year before seeing My Fair Lady...Lincoln Center is great for nocturnes, too!


Last month contained "Independent Bookstore Day" so in honor of that, here are three independently owned NYC bookstores! There are a few more on my list I'm hoping to get to at some point.


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