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Central Park and the Upper West Side

I took myself on a little sketch tour of Central Park and the Upper West Side back in April. You've already seen my Westsider Books sketch, but here are the other ones I did that day!

I wanted to do a quick warm-up so I settled down in the field.

I then moved over to Bethesda Terrace because it's such a lovely place and I was still feeling like I needed to warm up, and it's great to start with a location I've already done.

After painting the fountain I did this little mini 3x3" sketch of the arches leading up the stairs. There was a great singing group hanging out under there and it was nice to be serenaded as I sketched!

I proceeded west out of the park and up to the Dorilton, a gorgeous piece of beaux-arts architecture that has been on my sketch list for a while now. In hindsight I wished I had picked a smaller bit of it rather than doing the WHOLE thing! It has such great details I would love to zoom in on.




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