Wait for it: Book Signing Edition

Last Friday I ended class early so I could go get my Hamilton book signed. For those of you who don't follow musical theatre (and are living under a rock, because at this point it's pretty common pop-culture knowledge), the blockbuster musical hit "Hamilton" is currently boasting sold-out shows, and for very good reason! I was lucky enough to see the show about our "ten dollar founding father" it in September (just a couple weeks before the cast album dropped!) with my family, and it was phenomenal. Completely lives up to the hype! It's an incredibly smart show, not only presenting history in a fun, interesting way, but also referencing every possible type of music, other musicals, Shakespea

NYC Sketch at Cooper Square

Yesterday's NYC Urban Sketchers meeting was at Cooper Square. Instead of drawing the rather large and impressive Cooper Union buildings, I decided to draw this old, interesting building across the street. I tried something a little different this time, more watery paint and blends to start with and more pen and line painting than I usually do. I also think it's a good example of my knack of making a color palette that looks limited but is actually really complicated. Once upon a time I was able to work in a limited palette (usually 3 or 4 colors), but it's been a while! I usually end up cheating and adding colors. This one was manganese blue, payne's gray, naples yellow, quinacridone sienna,

Saturday at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Another week with NYC Urban Sketchers! This week we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. As an added bonus, it's only a 30 minute walk from my apartment (and a fifteen minute walk home because I can exit at the other end of the garden!) so I got to enjoy the sunny weather in transit as well as while sketching! We were especially lucky with the lovely day. Painting wasn't feeling easy yesterday; I only got one sketch out that I was really happy with (you'll have to guess which one). Had a great time though, the weather was great and great to see everyone enjoying it! Also had several kids show particular interest in what I was doing, including one who had her own watercolors (the youngest ur

A Subway-Inspired Watercolor

Sketching on the subway is fun and all, but sometimes I see things I want to sketch and just can't get to my book in time, or am not in a position to sketch. Or, on occasion I see things I want to watercolor and I really can't do that on the subway. Last week I saw this guy playing the violin on the subway. I've seen him before, and he's fantastic! Usually he seems to do pretty well busking; even if he doesn't get many dollars in his violin case he gets an appreciative audience. In this car though, no one seemed to pay attention! I was the only one to clap. I took some short video to use later, and did this last week the day after I saw it. I kept the watercolor loose and quick. I call it "T

Saturday at the Met

Today's NYC Urban Sketchers outing was at the Met! I thought I might skip sketching for a bit and take in some of the exhibits, but I changed my mind as I kept finding fun things to draw! There's also something great about making art where art dwells. I started in one of my favorite halls, which turned out to be a good choice because it was nearly empty when I entered and was getting busier as I was leaving. I visited later in the day and it was packed! I did the underlying pencil drawing in the hall and I watercolored on lunch in the cafeteria; unsurprisingly open containers of water and watercolors are banned in the galleries. Since I was only drawing in the galleries, I was able to do an

Flashback Friday: The rest of Connecticut

I'm about to go off to Connecticut again, so before I go I wanted to post the two remaining watercolors I did while I was away! Oddly enough, both are New Jersey! We have one of Secaucus Junction (perhaps the best it's ever looked!), and one of the view out of my friend's apartment in the morning (I drove down from Connecticut and stayed overnight with her so I could make my Friday commute to class easier).

Finally back in the City

The first day I got back last week, one of the first things I did was walk into Prospect Park and sketch the boathouse. It's good to be home!

More Places to see Theatre

This can go with the sketches of Times Square and Theatre for a New Audience in my "Places to See Theatre" collection. I found myself surprisingly unemployed today, so I joined the weekday NYC Urban Sketchers at Lincoln Center. We were really excited when we saw a band (I think of high school students?) setting up to play. It was nice to be entertained with live music while we sketched! However, we learned something about Lincoln Center: the union rules apply to the full Lincoln Center grounds! This means that the rule applying to only union members can move chairs/tables/scenery applies to the grounds, which means that we could not sit in our collapsible stools unless a union worker was hir

Painting from Photos: Paris Edition

One more painting I did while out of town! I had tried doing a really large version of this and wasn't happy with it, I think I got too caught up in the details. o with this one, I tried to keep the bottom with the crowd a little looser.

Painting from Photos: Revisiting England

While I was out of town, working in Connecticut and visiting my parents in New Jersey, I chose some photos I've been meaning to watercolor and worked on those. I did quick, tiny paintings in a new watercolor block I bought that's 4x6 inches. Considering doing larger versions of them, as well! I took this photo of the swans in Stratford-Upon-Avon. I took this (and several other) photos of St. Paul's Cathedral on the way to see a show at the National Theatre. The sky was really that color! This was an outdoor market under and overpass, I love the look of the umbrellas and the light outside the overpass combined with the industrial steel girders.

Saturday at the Bronx Museum of Art

This week NYC Urban Sketchers visited the Bronx Museum of the Arts. They have an exhibit called "Reflections in Tea" which includes a tea service, and then participants are invited to come have tea in the tea house (unoccupied in the sketch because I painted it before the Communitea event started) while chatting with the artist, and write stories on used, dried tea bags. The bags are hung up on the house an nearby walls to create a fluttering quilt of stories, drawings, and poems about tea. It's visually stunning and has a wonderful community-building vibe to it that is often missing from museum exhibits. I didn't get to participate fully (though I did have a cup of tea and enjoyed listening

This week in Theatre

I was lucky enough to see two really great shows this week! Tuesday my sister and I went to see the Robber Bridegroom, which had beautiful music and was absolutely hilarious. I arrived in Times Square early, so I braved the tourists climbing the steps over the TKTS booth to get a good vantage point for a quick sketch, the first one with my new Daniel Smith Manganese Blue Hue(I finally bought a few of the tubes I tried samples of a few weeks ago!). You'll notice it because there's a pure swatch dead center! Last night I went to see Pericles at Theatre for a New Audience. I've worked in the building several times but oddly enough have never managed to see a show there. Pericles is one of the f

Flashback Friday

A quick flashback to just a couple weeks ago...I did this in a week when I did several other posts so it got put on the back burner. I did it while on lunch breaks over a couple of days, from multiple photos I found on my phone. I was pretty happy with the result!


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