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NYC Sketch at Cooper Square

Yesterday's NYC Urban Sketchers meeting was at Cooper Square. Instead of drawing the rather large and impressive Cooper Union buildings, I decided to draw this old, interesting building across the street. I tried something a little different this time, more watery paint and blends to start with and more pen and line painting than I usually do. I also think it's a good example of my knack of making a color palette that looks limited but is actually really complicated. Once upon a time I was able to work in a limited palette (usually 3 or 4 colors), but it's been a while! I usually end up cheating and adding colors. This one was manganese blue, payne's gray, naples yellow, quinacridone sienna, brown oxide, and moonglow purple, and crimison. I really could have just done this with payne's gray, naples yellow, and sienna and called it a day.




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