Summer in MA - Part 2

Sometimes, when you have no time because you are constantly working and at a scene shop, you find yourself sketching at the scene shop. This first one is the view from the scene shop door, as seen in the morning. This second one is one of the purple flowers that is growing outside the shop door.

A Sing-a-Long

While in Massachusetts, I went over to a friend's house. He's an actor who is in BSC's production of Pirates of Penzance and happens to be living with a bunch of the other actors. And, as you can imagine in a house occupied by musical theatre actors and a piano, a sing-a-long happened. I snapped a few photos and used them as reference for this watercolor, used to try out a new block of Saunders watercolor paper, which I was very happy with!

Summer in MA - Part 1

I just got back to NYC after five weeks in Pittsfield, MA! Now I'm going to be catching up on some blogging. A couple weeks ago, one of my painters and I went to Lake Onota on a day off. It's one of my favorite places in Pittsfield, both to visit and to sketch! I started with a few sketches of the beautiful surroundings. The last one I did of my friend, which was tough because she was also sketching and kept moving. When she saw the sketch she went "wait, where is that?" and started looking around. I responded "'s you." And we laughed; she had thought it was a marigold.

Flashback Friday: Will Run for Free Cookies

You may be aware from previous posts that I'm a big fan of Schmackary's, an awesome cookie place in the theatre district. My sister and I go basically every time we see a show, which makes us frequent visitors. So when she told me they were doing a scavenger hunt to celebrate their four year anniversary, and that it happened to be on a day I was (surprisingly!) home in the city, I was all in. We didn't really know what to expect, but I got there early, armed with a mobile battery charger for my phone, maps of new york, an unlimited metrocard and a couple of spares just in case, as well as my sketch stuff. I managed to mostly finish this sketch before the scavenger hunt, and finished it while


My last Saturday in NYC before coming up to MA, Sugarlift was having an event called Draw the Highline, hosted by a few artists I happen to follow on Instagram (here, here, and here). It was a free event, focused on ballpoint pen sketching. Everyone who participated got a board, a pen, and a piece of paper. I spent the first hour doing a ballpoint pen sketch and in the second hour I did a watercolor sketch of the same view. So fun! And afterwards my watercolor was reposted by a host of the event (here) and was very well received! A wonderful way to spend my last day in the city.


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