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Flashback Friday: Will Run for Free Cookies

You may be aware from previous posts that I'm a big fan of Schmackary's, an awesome cookie place in the theatre district. My sister and I go basically every time we see a show, which makes us frequent visitors. So when she told me they were doing a scavenger hunt to celebrate their four year anniversary, and that it happened to be on a day I was (surprisingly!) home in the city, I was all in. We didn't really know what to expect, but I got there early, armed with a mobile battery charger for my phone, maps of new york, an unlimited metrocard and a couple of spares just in case, as well as my sketch stuff. I managed to mostly finish this sketch before the scavenger hunt, and finished it while they were tallying the times for the first half of the hunt. We had a blast in the first half, occasionally running, often laughing, and fulfilling all of the challenges and photos required of us on the hunt, helped by friends who agreed to be our (completely encouraged by the makers of the scavenger hunt) support staff from a far. They did some stellar googling to help us on our way! I was the happier sister when it came to locations, as we were mostly in the lower half of Manhattan, which is more my turf (Hilary would have had it ON LOCK if they sent us to the Heights!). We didn't make it into the second half, which turned out to be a good thing since somewhere in there I hurt my ankle, which I didn't realize until we slowed down. I spent the rest of the night with it elevated and iced, and hobbling. It goes to show nothing good can come from running! Though I did get a free cookie. Also goes to show I'll do anything for a free cookie.




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