Wednesday Evening in the Flatiron District

I was taking a little watercolor hiatus while I'm between commissions while I work on other things (IE: clean up my apartment because it was a disaster after the art show) but last night I carved out a little time to go sketching before meeting up with my sister to see Amélie on Broadway*. The weather was too good to pass up! I caught some excellent golden hour light as the sun started to think about setting. I really want to start sketching the Flatiron Building more frequently (this was only my second time sketching it in person, the first time was a couple years ago!) as it offers some unique perspective challenges that I need to spend more time figuring out! Would also love to give mysel

Fun discoveries!

This week I was tidying up and reorganizing a lot of my closets and drawers, and while finding a new home for my ever-growing art paper supply, I found a bunch of art that predates my scanner! I'll be putting up a bunch of new finds and new work on my etsy today, Stay tuned! Here's one I did a couple years back, from a photo a friend took from his window in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.

A New Addition to the Home Office

A couple of weeks ago, while prepping for a large lecture AND my art show, my near-ancient Macbook Pro ("Mackers") did what it has been threatening to do for months: it finally kicked the bucket. It can start up and is moderately functional, for getting files off of it, but it no longer connects to my printer properly. It has also decided the internet is overrated and refuses to use it. After a full day of attempting to print materials for my class, I decided to call it quits. It took me less time to run out, buy a new computer (I already knew what I wanted, so that at least was easy!), bring it home, set it up, and finish my printing than I had spent the whole previous day. My new computer

Something for Fun

I was working on a commission I still can't share this week, but alongside that I decided to do another painting for fun! I took the original photo on Kenmare Street on my way to brunch one morning, the building in the back is the old Police Headquarters.

A return to Urban Sketching!

I haven't really gotten to do much urban sketching lately....the NYCUSK meet-ups I've been able to attend have been the portrait party and then the Met, where I wasn't doing architecture AND they don't allow watercolors so I was working in pencil. I did a tiny bit on my trip to Ithaca, but even there I was doing quick 20-30 minute sketches, and I prefer 40 minutes+ when possible. So on my way into the city to run some errands I took a detour to Tribeca to paint a street I saw a photo of on instagram. Seriously, how quaint is this? It's Staple Street, and it's only two blocks long. There were a ton of great sketching opportunities in that neighborhood and I've never really spent much time the

Women's Day

When you are partially working for yourself, it's hard to take the day really off, as I know so many others are doing, but I did celebrate International Women's Day in a few different ways. I wore red, I spent lunch talking to two seniors from my alma mater (on their field studies trip) about life after college (and sexism in the workplace! Solid topic for today!). And, while working on a commission and other watercolors, I quickly did this sketch of one of my favorite badass women, in one of my favorite Lord of the Rings moments. Enjoy!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last week I was invited up to my alma mater, Ithaca College, to do a seminar on watercolors for the Advanced Costume Design class. I had a blast showing them how to render textiles, and even had time for a couple of sketches while I was visiting. This is the view from Cayuga Lake as seen from the college. This is the restaurant Simeon's, as seen from my favorite restaurant Madeleine's.


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