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Wednesday Evening in the Flatiron District

I was taking a little watercolor hiatus while I'm between commissions while I work on other things (IE: clean up my apartment because it was a disaster after the art show) but last night I carved out a little time to go sketching before meeting up with my sister to see Amélie on Broadway*. The weather was too good to pass up! I caught some excellent golden hour light as the sun started to think about setting. I really want to start sketching the Flatiron Building more frequently (this was only my second time sketching it in person, the first time was a couple years ago!) as it offers some unique perspective challenges that I need to spend more time figuring out! Would also love to give myself more than just an hour so I can really focus on the drawing. That being said, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

*I won the lottery! And the show was super cute! A very enjoyable night of theatre.




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