A Wednesday Upstate

Last week I went to visit a friend in quaint Beacon, NY. It has great small town charm, with a beautiful main street. This painting was done right on the main drag, but I'll have to go back to capture some of the great waterfalls, factories, and Queen Anne houses.

NYC Urban Sketchers invade the NY Botanical Gardens

On Sunday the NY Botanical Gardens had a plein air invitational, where they invited 30 urban sketchers and famous plein air artists to paint in the gardens. Mark, the leader of my urban sketchers chapter, was out with materials so passersby could also jump in on the fun. It was an obvious choice for our NYC Urban Sketchers meet-up for the week, so there were maybe 10-15 uninvited sketchers (not counting the ones that Mark got to sketch!). Right now the gardens are also hosting a Chihuly exhibit, which is gorgeous. I definitely recommend it to anyone in the New York area. I started the day by doing a little wandering and checking out what other sketchers (invited and gate-crashers alike) were

Friday Night at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of my favorite places to sketch, you may have noticed. So, Friday night, I went out after work not only to do some research for a commission I'll be doing soon, but also to sketch! For the first time, I did all three visible bridges in the area. First, I sketched the Williamsburg Bridge, which I had never painted before! Then I took advantage of the golden hour light and sketched the Brooklyn Bridge. I took a ton of photos and am looking forward to trying this again in the studio! The lighting was just incredible. Last, I wrapped up the evening with a sketch of Manhattan Bridge, pretty loose to cope with the changing light. I'm hoping to go back one night, a littl

The Little Prince

A few weeks ago, while walking on Prince Street, the sun came out and I couldn't resist stopping for a sketch of the Little Prince. It's a restaurant (French, based on the name and the flags!) with a great storefront, boasting hanging plants and vines.

Corner Markets

When searching for picturesque subjects, you don't have to go further than the corner market. Usually the fronts are lined with bins containing flowers, plants, and brightly colored fruits, all shaded with awnings. Here are two I've sketched this spring, one from Brooklyn and one from lower Manhattan.

Thursday in Coney Island

Last Thursday I went to Coney Island with the NYC Urban Sketchers group. I had never been and had a hard time choosing subjects! I started with the Wonder Wheel, and the street leading down to it. It was lined with hangings depicting Freak Show acts, and it was a challenge getting the lighting on them just right! After lunch I sketched the Thunderbolt. I had to back up onto the beach to get the view I wanted. When I was done with the Thunderbolt, I took advantage of having already taken off my shoes and walked down to do a quick fifteen-minute sketch of the water. Waves are so challenging!

My Reading List

Sometimes, you just want to do a sketch before you go to sleep. So, one night, I sketched all the books on my nightstand (reading: another pre-bedtime activity). I had just finished the Handmaid's Tale, am currently reading Color and Light, and am perpetually reading In the Company of Women for inspiration.

Artist Aboard: Battle of the Big Bands

This year, in honor of fleet week, I went to an event on the USS Intrepid! The event was called "Battle of the Big Bands", and attendees were invited to come in vintage-inspired attire and dance the night away! Before I stepped aboard I sketched the ship itself. After I tired of swing dancing, the sketch kit came out! I warmed up with some helicopters on the flight deck. One of my friends snapped this photo of me and my kit! The book light is a recent addition, and this is it's inaugural use. Looking forward to doing more night sketching! Here's the finished product; I didn't quite get the lighting how I wanted it but I'm happy with the result! Then I practiced sketching people in motion! I'


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