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Artist Aboard: Battle of the Big Bands

This year, in honor of fleet week, I went to an event on the USS Intrepid! The event was called "Battle of the Big Bands", and attendees were invited to come in vintage-inspired attire and dance the night away! Before I stepped aboard I sketched the ship itself.

After I tired of swing dancing, the sketch kit came out! I warmed up with some helicopters on the flight deck. One of my friends snapped this photo of me and my kit! The book light is a recent addition, and this is it's inaugural use. Looking forward to doing more night sketching!

Here's the finished product; I didn't quite get the lighting how I wanted it but I'm happy with the result!

Then I practiced sketching people in motion! I'm sketching a wedding in a couple of weeks, and I was glad for the opportunity to "brush up." (Pun absolutely intended)

Last but not least: a sketch I did after the fact from videos friends shared with me. Can you find me?

It was such a great event! The bands were amazing, the dancing was fun, and how could I pass up an opportunity for such great sketching subjects? I'm already planning on attending next year!

*None of these are up on my Etsy, but email me at if you're interested in purchasing one.




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