A Rainy Day in Hartford

Last month, when I was in Connecticut, I spent one Saturday in Hartford. I went to see Wonder Woman for a second time, and then had a few hours to kill before going to an improv show (yes, that improv show.) Guess which part of the day was sunny. Despite threat of rain (and some ACTUAL rain), I still enjoyed the opportunity to sketch in Hartford. This first sketch was done by the Connecticut River. The second I did in Bushnell Park; I've been wanting to sketch that gold dome for ages!

Chicago Sketchcation Kit

This year, I'm going to the International Urban Sketching Symposium! Last year I couldn't go, mostly because it was in Manchester, England and I had already allocated funds for my travel budget to going to a friend's wedding in LA and having a California sketchcation. So, I was thrilled that this year the Symposium was coming stateside and I'd have the opportunity to go! Luckily, having already packed for a trip last year with similar goals, packing this time was a cinch. Here's what I'm bringing in my kit. All of these things will at some point be held in my backpack (though never all at once). First, the non-sketch stuff. I have a baseball cap, two pairs of sunglasses (so one can be lost o

Presenting: Woodward and Father

So, I always get asked about my sketch kit. It's no surprise why, my palette is handmade by me and is perfectly suited to my needs. Likewise, I designed a couple of sketch boards that my Dad was nice enough to make for me. They contain holes for my favorite leak-proof water cup, and all my frequently used pens and brushes. We have now received enough inquiries that it seemed worth it to start an Etsy store selling both the palettes and the boards, so here we are! Woodward and Father: Plein Air Provisions has opened its metaphorical doors, and we're super excited about it! We also are expecting to be able to start selling a larger board size, at 17"x20", as well as other palette sizes in the

"How to Avoid a Wedding Registry:" Part 2

Yesterday's post reminded me of another gift I did last September that I never posted! It was for a friend living in Alabama, and sadly that wedding was to close for comfort to the one I was attending in late August in L.A. (The recent Brooklyn wedding twenty minutes from my apartment is an anomaly) . Though I couldn't attend, I still sent a gift along. I don't know the couple's story well, but I knew Birmingham would be a safe bet, so I chose an iconic Birmingham view, featuring the Alabama Theater marquee.

Art as Gifts, or "How to Avoid a Wedding Registry"

Last weekend one of my best friends got married, and true to form, nosy me looked through their wedding registry before completely ignoring it (though I'm really hoping someone else got them the Death Star waffle maker. Because when I visit I want Death Star waffles.). Of course, I knew I was going to ignore it. I always ignore it. Why would I get them a waffle maker (Star Wars-themed or otherwise) when I can make them a piece of custom art that will actually mean something to the couple? You may have noticed I've done this before (also works for baby showers). In this case, I chose the bar the couple met at, which happens to be my favorite bar. I chose a night time scene, not only because i

A Wedding at Prospect Park Boathouse

Last month I had the honor of being asked to sketch a wedding at Prospect Park Boathouse! The couple found me on Etsy, and couldn't have been lovelier. Another bonus was getting to work just a stones throw from my apartment! I was able to walk to work! It was basically my dream commute. The day of the wedding was rainy, but we lucked out with two raindrop-free hours right around the wedding. The conditions were significantly more humid than I'm used to so I headed over to do a couple quick sketches before really getting started. Humidity can be a blessing and a curse with watercolor; my paper was damp before I even put water on the page, and nothing would dry (sketches I hadn't touched in ho

Wadsworth Falls

I spent a Sunday in Connecticut sketching beautiful Wadsworth Falls. Sadly, it only seemed to be cloudy and rainy when I wanted to sketch! I was still happy with the result.

O'Rourke's Diner

A second perk of visiting Connecticut: brunch at O'Rourke's! My friend Matt lives a few blocks away so when I'm visiting we usually go a couple of times. This visit we went two days in a row, and I took advantage of being an early-riser to get a sketch in each day before food. This first one I did from across the intersection, and I was trying something a little different with the lighting. My second day sketch I did from right outside the diner. There were more passersby, and some brunchers stopped by to check out my sketch before they went in to eat. Soon, Brian (O'Rourke, chef and owner!) came out to see what I was doing, and even sent someone out with a pitcher of water for me, complete

Sketching an Improv Mixer

A bonus of spending two weeks working in Connecticut is getting to see some shows in Hartford at SeaTea Improv! After one show I attended, I stayed for an Improv Mixer after. All attendees were welcome to sign up to perform, regardless of experience level. I chose to stay seated, but I did sketch some of the brave souls who performed! Here are the sketches.


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