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Art as Gifts, or "How to Avoid a Wedding Registry"

Last weekend one of my best friends got married, and true to form, nosy me looked through their wedding registry before completely ignoring it (though I'm really hoping someone else got them the Death Star waffle maker. Because when I visit I want Death Star waffles.). Of course, I knew I was going to ignore it. I always ignore it. Why would I get them a waffle maker (Star Wars-themed or otherwise) when I can make them a piece of custom art that will actually mean something to the couple? You may have noticed I've done this before (also works for baby showers). In this case, I chose the bar the couple met at, which happens to be my favorite bar. I chose a night time scene, not only because it felt obvious for a bar, but I'm also loving painting night scenes lately. I was very happy with the result, and now offer prints and printed goods of the painting for my other friends who love the bar.

Also, because I'm an overachiever (and now, as you know from the last post, a professional painter of weddings), I took the tiniest of sketch kits with me to the wedding in my clutch. I lucked out with a good seat and couldn't resist sketching during the ceremony. It's so much easier when it's people you know! I was very happy with the likenesses, and other wedding attendees got a big kick out of watching me sketch. And of course, the bride and groom were very excited about it!




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