Disney - Part 3

Part 3 means it's time for Hollywood Studios! This was the site of my first sketch, of the Tower of Terror. I won't go on the ride, but it's so fun to paint! It turned out being one of my favorites from the trip. H and I had split up so I could sketch (and go on Star Tours and Rockin' Roller coaster, which was fun enough I went on it twice! Ah, the joy of the single rider line.). As I was sketching this a couple of Disney cast members in character walked into the street a little ways down and started having a very (staged) animated argument over a woman that drew quite the crowd. One of my favorite parts of Hollywood Studios is the art-deco feeling to the buildings. The atmosphere is great!

Disney: Part 2

Luckily, we went to Disney during Epcot's Food and Wine festival. Coupled with our park hopper passes that meant we could visit as many parks as we wanted every day, this meant that we ate at Epcot more days of our trip than not. So I had plenty of opportunity to get inspired for sketch locations! Due to rain I wasn't able to do everything I wanted (perhaps that Around the World panoramic nocturne will one day happen from photos...) I was able to get in a couple of good ones. Though I'm not terribly interested in riding Mission: Space, I concede it's in a beautiful building and I was just as happy to sketch it and skip the ride! And of course, I couldn't leave without at least one sketch of

45th Street

The view down 45th street is one of my favorite midtown Manhattan views. Not only does it almost always mean I'm on my way to Schmackary's for some cookies before or after a Broadway show, but it is full of beautiful theater signage and bright lights. I've taken several photos over the years, but I was hoping this painting would depict some of that great golden hour lighting.

Disney: Part 1

I recently was able to take a vacation (a real one! One not motivated by having to go to a friend's wedding or with any specific purpose in mind!) with my sister, to Disney World. She had a conference for work and asked me along, and as I hadn't been in 16 years, I said yes! We had park hopper passes, which meant we could go to as many parks as we wanted every day, so I'm going to blog this out by park, rather than by day. I'll also include the day we went to Universal (mostly because I refused to go to Florida and not see Harry Potter World. Because I have my priorities in order.) Let's start in the middle with the Magic Kingdom! Clearly, no trip to Disney World would be complete without a

How to Avoid a Wedding Registry: Part 3

Now that the happy couple has returned from their honeymoon and opened their gift, I can safely share their painting with you! This is a view from Mount Greylock, in the Berkshires. Though they met, fell in love, and lived together in the Berkshires for several years, they have since relocated to Alabama so I thought it would be nice to give them a piece of the Berkshires to keep with them! Conveniently, I've spent a lot of time in the Berkshires and this was done from a photo taken on a day where at times we could see rain in the distance, and half the mountain was in a cloud.


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