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Disney: Part 1

I recently was able to take a vacation (a real one! One not motivated by having to go to a friend's wedding or with any specific purpose in mind!) with my sister, to Disney World. She had a conference for work and asked me along, and as I hadn't been in 16 years, I said yes! We had park hopper passes, which meant we could go to as many parks as we wanted every day, so I'm going to blog this out by park, rather than by day. I'll also include the day we went to Universal (mostly because I refused to go to Florida and not see Harry Potter World. Because I have my priorities in order.) Let's start in the middle with the Magic Kingdom!

Clearly, no trip to Disney World would be complete without a sketch of Cinderella's Castle. At least, no trip of MINE. This was my first Magic Kingdom sketch, done in the late afternoon and in part while a parade was dancing its way down Main Street USA on my left. A couple of performers even stopped to see what I was doing! One of them was on stilts. It was quite a moment.

Watercolor Sketch, Cinderella's Castle, Disney World

Later that same night, I did a quick nocturne of Main Street USA itself, which is lit so beautifully after the sun sets! I hardly did it justice.

Watercolor Sketch, Main Street USA, Disney World

One of the days I was on my own while H had work obligations, I did a couple sketches of Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is probably my favorite part of the park, both because I like it's futuristic design and also because it houses Space Mountain, one of my favorite Disney rides (we went on it twice!). Buzz Lightyear is also a blast. Here's a general view of the area (and yes, that airplane dragging a banner really passed through the sky and I had to include it!)

Watercolor Sketch, Tomorrowland Disney World, Magic Kingdom

I also appreciate the puns in the area: my favorite is the souvenir store "Merchant of Venus" (a take on Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice"), followed by "The Lunching Pad" appropriately housed under the Astro Orbiter, as seen below.

Watercolor Sketch, Astro Orbiter, Disney World Magic Kingdom

Though not pictured, worth mentioning that I did enjoy the new Seven Dwarves Mine Train ride (an excellent use of a fast pass!) and revisiting Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We were disappointed that Splash Mountain, another favorite, was closed for construction!




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