Climbing Mount Beacon

Last month I visited Beacon, New York to attend a friend's baby shower. I figured while I was going upstate I might as well make a trip out of it. I went up a day early to do some hiking, with the intention of climbing Mount Beacon. The first sign it might be a challenge? When I got winded going up the subway steps with my weekend bag on my way to Grand Central. But, after the train ride, I actually managed to drag myself slowly up the mountain! The view was spectacular and well worth the effort. Here are two paintings I did from the top!

Scratchmade Journal Feature

I meant to post this before the coupon expired, but life got in the way (note the large gap in my Disney posts!). I wanted to share the great Woodward and Father palette review by Scratchmade Journal! Click on the photo to read the article.

Disney: Part 5*

*Not really Disney! My last "Disney" post is actually Universal Studios! I demanded one day in Harry Potter World, and I got it! It had so many picturesque views it was hard to pick my favorites to sketch. So, I went traditional with a view straight Diagon Alley, and on of Hogwarts.

Disney: Part 4

I accidentally made you wait for the rest of Disney! Here's one I did in Animal Kingdom. I had limited time since I spent a couple of hours in line for Flight of Passage (worth it!). Would have loved to do one of the central tree, but I guess I'll just have to go back!


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