Quick Mini Sketch in Hartford

Back in December I visited friends in Hartford. I was going to one of their improv shows, and had a half hour to spare before it started. So, I walked around the block and did this little 3x4" sketch in about 15 minutes. Done entirely with Daniel Smith Quinacridone Deep Gold, Moonglow, and Indigo.

Urban Sketching: Winter Edition

Winter can be tough as an urban sketcher, since you either have to rough it through the cold weather or find indoor locations. Luckily, New York is full of great museums, and little beats a day spent looking at art and then making some. Here are some sketches from my museum travels this winter. The Met is always a fun trip, and I revisited some of my favorite things to sketch there! The Guggenheim has a Hilma af Klint exhibit that was so good I went twice! I'm wishing I was introduced to her sooner, teenage me would have been OBSESSED with her work (but adult me still loves it enough that I bought a print in the gift shop!). This is a throwback to another year, that I just realized I never p

Sketchcation: Boston

In November, I took myself on a sketch tour of Boston. While I have been to Boston several times (a bonus of having friends who live there, and have a guest room!) I have never spent any real time sketching there. This time, I went for about a week and did much museum-visiting and sketching. Sadly, the weather wasn't 100% cooperative (I had planned to do this trip a month earlier), but I still got at least a little sun! Gallery below has the full trip.

How to Avoid a Wedding Registry: Part 4

Lately I've been spending more time doing commissions that are destined to be wedding gifts for people I don't know, than painting gifts for friends. But, in anticipation of my friends Anna and Dan getting married in June, I have jumped back on the ignore-the-registry bandwagon. They met each other while working at Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield, Massachusetts (conveniently, where I met them, too!). Long before they were engaged, I was informed I would be a bridesmaid at the wedding, so I have been planning on painting them this, my favorite view of the street the theatre is on, for about five years now. I was very happy to finally get the opportunity to paint it, and also to give a

The Post of Christmas Past

Since I missed the whollllllle holiday season, I didn't get to post the painting my family chose to use for their annual Christmas card! I thought it might be the Rockefeller Christmas tree from the previous year (that she was displeased I had done too late to use for the prior Christmas) or potentially the one of the Bryant Park tree below, but instead we ended up going with this sketch of a festive Radio City Music Hall, on a square card. The Woodward Family Christmas card has been accompanied by a letter updating family and friends to the goings on in our lives since I was a kid; this year was our 25th letter! I joke with my Mom (who pens it every year) whenever I do anything interesting

Time Keeps Flying!

Yikes, another huge gap in posting! To catch you up, I spent the majority of the end of the year fulfilling holiday commissions. A few of my favorites are below! Since the new year I've been doing scenic work (including a Tamara Lempicka replica and creating a fake polar bear head for a bear skin rug!), some more commissions, and trying to get some sketching in despite WINTER. I'm also attempting to reorganize my apartment. Who knew things could get so messy in four years, when at least half that time you've been running two businesses out of your apartment? Hoping to be able to pick up some more blogging, so stay tuned! I also added some recent sketches to my gallery, so feel free to check


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