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Urban Sketching: Winter Edition

Winter can be tough as an urban sketcher, since you either have to rough it through the cold weather or find indoor locations. Luckily, New York is full of great museums, and little beats a day spent looking at art and then making some. Here are some sketches from my museum travels this winter.

The Met is always a fun trip, and I revisited some of my favorite things to sketch there!

The Guggenheim has a Hilma af Klint exhibit that was so good I went twice! I'm wishing I was introduced to her sooner, teenage me would have been OBSESSED with her work (but adult me still loves it enough that I bought a print in the gift shop!).

This is a throwback to another year, that I just realized I never posted!

It had been far too long since I had taken a trip to the American Museum of Natural History, and conveniently a friend asked me to do a commission of the triceratops which gave me a great excuse to go!

While there I did this mini sketch (it's 3x3"!) of the famous blue whale. I'm hoping to do a larger scale one the next time I go!

On a warmer day, I braved still-chilly weather and did this sketch of the Planetarium (a part of the Natural History Museum). Because sometimes, you just have to sketch outside (and the school buses were so cute! How could I resist?).




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