My Sketch Kit: 2019 Edition

I realized I was LONG overdue for an updated kit post. I get asked a lot what I carry around while sketching, so if you're interested, here's everything I use! The Original Woodward and Father board is the one that I carry with me most. The Yoobi pen case was found at Target, and the "Well-Behaved Women" pouch is from the Strand. I had been using a larger pen case that I loved for a while (it was actually a travel wallet), but it was a little cumbersome, and I like that with this one my palette can be stashed in the front of the case for easy access. I bring a plastic folder to hold loose paper in a variety of sizes, and that's also where each day's finished work is stored. The board always

Monday Night in Lower Manhattan

Last week I went with a friend to dinner at Freeman's, one of my favorite restaurants. I decided to do a sketch before dinner, of the restaurant itself! I did this as the sun set, so the lighting changed drastically in the 40ish minutes I was working on it. I'll definitely go back at some point and do a nocturne of it, only starting to paint when it's fully dark out. After dinner it was late, but I wasn't tired and didn't have to be up the next day, so I wandered over and sketched in Washington Square Park. Did you know the park closes at midnight? I didn't! The police come in a vehicle and broadcast on their horns that everyone has to leave the park. Luckily I was about done anyway...maybe

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 11

The Final Day! I had left this open for whatever I wanted to do. Matt had flown home, so I was left to my own devices. I had been considering going back and doing another hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park, but decided I was hiked out. Spending the day exploring Denver and Boulder was much more appealing! I googled a bit to give myself some kind of plan, and decided to start at Union Station in Denver. I definitely want to do a studio painting of the great orange lettering above the station. So beautiful! After walking down the road a bit I found this bookstore that was getting great afternoon light, and I couldn't resist! I then began to meander around Denver, with storm clouds above

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 10

The day began with a goodbye brunch at the bride's parent's house, which sported gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding mountain vistas. Of course, sketching ensued. Matt and I decided to go hiking after, and I learned that when we both say "I'm tired and want to take it easy" I still need to ask him the difficulty of the hike he's about to take me on. Hint: it was a difficult one. Halfway up we started to hear thunder in the distance. Me: "If it starts pouring on us, you're buying dinner." Matt, twenty minutes later: "Looks like I'm buying dinner." Views were great. Pasta afterward was better!

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 8-9

Wedding festivities time! Did I mention my real motive for a Colorado vacation was that I had two friends getting hitched in Boulder? I was a bridesmaid so had a couple of days of wedding activities baked into my sketchcation. On Day 8 of my vacation, it was Day 1 of wedding festivities! After waking up, I finished writing my rehearsal dinner speech. I may have been a bridesmaid, but I actually have known the groom a year longer, and was there when the bride and groom started dating. I've known I would be telling this particular story at their rehearsal dinner since before they were engaged, so you would think I'd already have it written. In an attempt to find a good "wedding edition" of the

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 7

It was time for my second National Park! I had strategically gotten an airbnb near Estes Park, which contains an entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park and has a lot of great hikes. When I drove over, I got a great view of Estes Park in the valley and the mountains in the distance. Time for another car sketch! (Don't worry, I do all of these from places they make for cars to pull over and enjoy the view. Very safe!) After my sketch and finding breakfast in town (it was delicious), I used the app Alltrails to decide what I felt like hiking. It lets you filter options by length, difficulty, and even let's you filter for views. Views? Yes please. I ended up by Bear Lake and doing the hike up

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 6

On my schedule, Day 6 was a big question mark. Other than the five-ish hour drive to get myself from the Sand Dunes to just north of Boulder, I had left the day open. I could do more sand dunes, some nearby falls, or hit some other places as I drove north. I decided to do a quick sketch of the Dunes from my patio, and start my drive. Once I was on the road, fog descended. I should have known then my best bet would have been sketching the falls in the sunshine I had just left. While fog can be lovely and moody, when you want to see the beautiful mountains you're driving through, it isn't a welcome addition. Add when driving on a very curvy road? Hard pass. I ended up pulling over because some

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 5

Day 5: All Sand Dunes. All the Time. Naturally, I had checked the weather several times the week prior. All 60's and 70's. How warm was it on my sole day at the sand dunes? I checked my phone when I woke up: 32. It was actually freezing. I was not the only one at the sand dunes who was displeased. I don't think it went over 45 all day, especially considering the brisk winds. I settled in to do a few sketches across the Medano Creek from the dunes; I liked the purpley blue reflections on the water! I was also procrastinating since getting to the dunes meant crossing the creek...and it was still really cold. After those sketches, I decided I didn't go to Ithaca College for four years to NOT ta

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 4

Time to head south! On this leg of the journey, I was on my way to Great Sand Dune National Park, which I believe (parents can fact check me) is my first National Park! I decided to stop at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park along the way, which is the tallest suspension bridge in the US! It's terrifying! I took the gondola over (which was a lovely, enclosed space) and walked back over the bridge. In this case, my fear of open spaces was joined by my fear of dropping things from great heights (thanks, theatre degree!), which meant all the photos from the bridge were taking through the grating on either side, rather than over the railing. Many people were waving their phones willy-nilly over the sid

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 3

Colorado Springs: The Sequel! I decided to stop in neighboring Manitou Springs in the morning; it was super cute and had been too busy for me to stop there for lunch on the day prior. I did a quick sketch in the beautiful morning light before embarking on the day's adventure: Broadmoor Seven Falls! The falls are a nice 20 minute drive south of Manitou Springs, made a little longer because they have recently changed parking and now have everyone park off-site and get shuttled in. While waiting for the shuttle I struck up a conversation with one of the people in charge of managing the shuttle line (he believes, and I agree, that they need more than the four shuttle buses that they have). He wa

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 2

I started Day 2 at the Garden of the Gods. Bright and early, 8 AM. Luckily it was just a few minute drive from my Airbnb! (Colorado Springs would prove the easiest to navigate, with the most to do!). The Garden of the Gods was an exercise in both painting red rocks (and shadows on red rocks!) as well as atmospheric perspective: getting the colors right for hills fading off in the distance. Around midday, the "Garden" got crowded and I got hungry, so I left for some lunch. While out I also stopped by Red Rock Canyon Open Space and hiked around a bit (and of course, did a couple of sketches). After that, I returned to the Garden of the Gods for some Golden Hour sketching! I did one from the to

Colorado Sketchcation: Day 1

Hello! I have recently returned from an eleven day trip to Colorado! The real reason for the trip? I was a bridesmaid in my friends' wedding. But, I figured if I was flying out there (for the first time!) I may as well take myself on a little tour. After asking friends (thanks facebook!) and doing some research, I settled on a course that was doable from the Denver/Boulder area. Did you know Denver and Boulder were practically adjacent? That was news to me. Day 1: I woke up stupid early (East Coast Time), and flew into Denver. After picking up my rental, I immediately drove to Colorado Springs. Pretty mountain sightings started early; I could see them from the airport. The weather continued


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