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My Sketch Kit: 2019 Edition

I realized I was LONG overdue for an updated kit post. I get asked a lot what I carry around while sketching, so if you're interested, here's everything I use!

The Original Woodward and Father board is the one that I carry with me most. The Yoobi pen case was found at Target, and the "Well-Behaved Women" pouch is from the Strand. I had been using a larger pen case that I loved for a while (it was actually a travel wallet), but it was a little cumbersome, and I like that with this one my palette can be stashed in the front of the case for easy access.

I bring a plastic folder to hold loose paper in a variety of sizes, and that's also where each day's finished work is stored. The board always has a clip for my palette and paper, and I've recently added a large paper clip in case it's windy and the other corner of the sketch needs to be held down (it's also helpful if I need a place to quickly hold down loose paper as I'm getting my board set-up before starting a sketch.)

A recent kit addition: tablet hand straps. Perfect for helping me hold onto my boards! I use this one for my original and this one for my mini board, which is usually the board I take with me if I want to pack light, am not certain I'll be sketching that day, or if there are only 5x7" sketches and smaller on the docket for that day.

The thing I get asked most about, after my boards, is what colors I'm carrying. I usually take my Unlimited W&F palette with me, which has plenty of spaces (and some free so I can drop in a new color I'm trying out without sacrificing any of my usual palette). I like having lots of options.

DS= Daniel Smith, WN= Winsor Newton, MG= M. Graham

1. DS Pyrrol Crimson

2. WN Rose Dore

3. DS Quinacridone Coral

4. QoR Quinacridone Violet

5. DS Pyrrol Red

6. DS Piemontite Gen

7. Rembrandt Vermillion

8. QoR Transparent Pyrrol Orange

9. DS Quinacridone Sienna

10. DS Quinacridone Deep Gold

11. DS Monte Amiata Natural Sienna

12. DS Transparent Brown Oxide

13. DS New Gamboge



16. DS Buff Titanium

17. WN White Gouache

18. DS Hematite Violet Genuine

19. DS Rich Green Gold

20. DS Undersea Green

21. DS Green Apatite Gen

22. DS Cascade Green

23. QoR Cobalt Teal


25. DS Perylene Green

26. DS Amazonite Genuine

27. DS Manganese Blue

28. QoR Cerulean Blue Chromium

29. Maimer Blu Cobalt Blue Light

30. DS Cobalt Blue Violet

31. QoR Dioxozine Purple

32. DS Moonglow

33. DS Indigo

34. MG Payne's Gray

In addition to my palette, I always carry my swatch guide and list of paints with me; I have my palette memorized for color but not by brand/name, so this way if someone asks me what a color is I can tell them with certainty what it is. It's also super helpful when refilling my palette!

My usual brushes are Utrecht rounds in sizes 0 and 2, Raphael rounds in sizes 4 and 6, Princeton Neptune round in size 10 (I've also used and liked the Princeton Heritage synthetic sable series), Raphael Flats in sizes 6 and 10, and a Rosemary Eradictor that can be used as an eraser for paint! They are all synthetic and not very expensive. I don't want to carry anything precious with me since it's too likely they will be dropped in the dirt, end up squished at the bottom of my bag, or worse: lost. I usually buy them on sale at Blick since every once in a while they wear out so it's good to have spares.

Also in the Yoobi pen case: a Tombow Mono Zero mechanical eraser, .3 mm drafting pencil, white Uno-ball Signo gel pen, rubber eraser, and spray bottle loaded with water. I carry an assortment of Pigma Micron pens, sizes 1, 08, 03, 01, 005 all in black and sizes 05 and 01 in sepia. You'll notice there is masking tape on the cap of each one with the size of each written on. Over time, all of the writing on the sides and tops of the pens wears off, so this helps me keep track without having to open each pen to find what I'm looking for. The writing does wear off of the tape over time, but it can easily be rewritten.

The pouch houses water cups, and often extra clips and paper towels.

If I know I'll be working larger on any given day, I'll break out my large W&F sketchboard (otherwise most often used on my couch as I work on commissions).

I also add two Princeton Neptune faux squirrel hair brushes (a quill size 6 and a round size 12) and my W&F Standard palette to the kit. Sorry this one isn't swatched out (all the colors are from my palette above), but here are the colors:

1. DS Transparent Brown Oxide

2. DS Piemontite Genuine

3. DS Pyrrol Red

4. DS Quinacridone Coral

5. Rembrandt Vermillion

6. DS Quinacridone Sienna

7. DS Quinacridone Deep Gold

8. DS Monte Amiata Natural Sienna

9. DS New Gamboge

10. DS Deep Green Gold

11. DS Undersea Green

12. DS Green Apatite Genuine

13. DS Cascade Green

14. DS Perylene Green

15. DS Manganese Blue

16. QoR Cerulean Blue Chromium

17. Maimer Blu Cobalt Blue Light

18. DS Cobalt Blue Violet

19. DS Moonglow

20. DS Indigo

21. MG Payne's Gray

Things I carry with me that aren't strictly "art supplies": this tiny stool (or this larger one, if I know I'm going to be out all day and sitting longer), a cushion for sitting on the ground or uncomfortable stone perches for long periods of time, a wide-brimmed hat that squishes down for easy packing, sunscreen, a rechargeable battery for my phone, and a music stand light for nocturnes. Not pictured: a water bottle!

If I'm going to a concert or a wedding, or out with friends and am packing light, here is my bitty kit that can go in a clutch or small cross-body bag! Dad recently made me an extra tiny (4.5"x7") custom sketchboard (no current plans to add this to the Woodward and Father roster). I also carry a tiny limited edition W&F palette (colors are DS Quin Sienna, Quin Coral, Quin Deep Gold, Amazonite Genuine, Moonglow and Indigo), an 01 Pigma Micron pen, 1 oz Nalgene cup, and Rosemary travel brushes (R12, R0, and your guess is as good as mine because they didn't label the last one). Clipped to the board is a small binder clip for my sketch, and a money clip purchased from Amazon with a couple of Neodymium magnets from the hardware store stuck on (the ones that came with adhesive so I just had to peel and stick). The black rubber O rings used to keep my brushes and water cup in place are also a hardware store purchase: they can be found in the plumbing section in a variety of sizes.

That's everything! I tried to add links where possible but let me know if I missed anything (likely, there's a lot here!) or if you have any questions!




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