Sunday at the Mütter Museum

I finally made it to the Mütter Museum! Full of skulls and specimen many good (and gross!) things to sketch! Definitely not for the faint of heart (consider this your warning). Photography is prohibited, among many, many other things, but they do allow sketching (I asked at the door). I assumed watercoloring wouldn't be allowed, so I sketched (and even took some notes for later on the backs of my sketches) and watercolored at home. First up: a model depicting eye ailments. This one was an inflammed upper lid. It was on a wall full of eye maladies! Next: a fetus, sliced through so organs were visible. (You were warned) Last, one of the worst possible cases of scholiosis.

Huzzah! Another weekend, another Ren Faire

I swear I do things besides go to Renaissance Faires! This time it was the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I have a friend who works there, and this was my third time going up to visit her in October and attend Faire. I grew up in South Jersey seeing the commercials and hearing the very catchy jingle, but I didn't go until a few years ago! I did a couple sketches on last year's visit, but this year I really sketched the whole day. I think I set a personal record! I began by sketching the Rakish Rogues...always tough doing a whole group before their show is over! Next I went over to watch the MacGuffin Melee, a fun farce with characters running in and out of scenes...another fun challenge! Af

A Rainy Saturday in Brooklyn

Right now I'm in South Jersey working in Philadelphia, but the last Saturday I was in New York, I met with my urban sketching group at the Old Stone House in Brooklyn. I arrived late, and the afternoon was cut short because of rain, but I managed to fit two sketches in. It started to rain during my second sketch, but I think it adds character! It also caused me to use the hand dryer in the bathroom to dry my sketch; that was a first!

A Love New York

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned how much I love New York....and it might not be immediately obvious considering how much time I spend traveling and working elsewhere, but I LOVE New York City. It's an outstanding place to live as an artist, there's inspiration around every corner! Thankfully I have very patient friends who will wait as I take photographs for future watercolors. Sometimes it's because the light is JUST RIGHT or I see an outstanding composition, and don't have time to sketch it on the spot. I have a ton of photos just waiting to be painted, so whenever I'm feeling like painting and don't want to or can't go out sketching, I have a plethora of material to choose from! On one s

Subway Sketch Round-up

Usually, when I'm working in NJ I usually have to take an earlier subway in, which means less crowded trains that lend themselves to more sketching opportunities. The past few weeks I found that while I occasionally was able to sketch people, I usually wasn't happy with the results because my sketching was interrupted. Here's a handful of the sketches acceptable enough to share! This first gal I really didn't do justice. She struck up an animated conversation with the stranger next to her and had the most beautiful smile!

The Quickest Morning Watercolors

The past few weeks I've been working out in NJ, and on the rare occasion I get to Penn Station with a few minutes to spare, I'll do a quick 10-15 minute watercolor in the area. Sadly, the weather on the days I get in that early was always very gray!

Huzzah! A Sunday at the Ren Faire!

A couple Sundays ago, I traveled up to Tuxedo NY with a couple of friends to go to the NY Renaissance Faire. I have a handful of friends who work there, but managed to make it through last season (and almost this one!) without visiting, so I was due! Naturally, I brought my sketch kit and did a handful of sketches...the costumes are too good to pass up! A warm-up sketch of a pirate, which ended up being one of my favorites of the day! Sketched at a bar while waiting for the first Rascals and Rogues set. Managed to sketch every member of Rascals and Rogues during their first set of the day, though I admit I finished painting them after the show! They were so much fun to watch, and even did a

Big News!

I finally launched my etsy shop!!!! Check it out here. I've also added a link (finally) under the "shop" tab. Very excited to get my work out there! Only have about 20 paintings up but will be continuing to add to the collection. Also hoping to get a Society6 page started for prints of select paintings, so keep an eye out! Painting pictured was completed this afternoon, and is the first painting I was able to complete and immediately list on etsy! From a photo taken near Chelsea Market.

Portrait Practice

I've been so busy at work for the past couple of weeks, I've been having a hard time finding time to post! Luckily I've still been finding time to sketch! Last week, before spending Sunday at the NY Ren Faire (post pending), I decided to do a couple of portraits since I haven't painted people in a bit. I borrowed both the photos from friends' social media accounts (with permission), and was pretty happy with how they turned out!


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