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Huzzah! Another weekend, another Ren Faire

I swear I do things besides go to Renaissance Faires! This time it was the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I have a friend who works there, and this was my third time going up to visit her in October and attend Faire. I grew up in South Jersey seeing the commercials and hearing the very catchy jingle, but I didn't go until a few years ago! I did a couple sketches on last year's visit, but this year I really sketched the whole day. I think I set a personal record!

I began by sketching the Rakish Rogues...always tough doing a whole group before their show is over!

Next I went over to watch the MacGuffin Melee, a fun farce with characters running in and out of scenes...another fun challenge!

After that: an unexpected treat! When I visited the NY Ren Faire a few weeks ago, I saw Aaron Bonk's fire, whip and sword show. It was really impressive, and I wanted to sketch it but the audience was packed in WAY too tight for that to be an option. But lo and behold, after the NY Ren Faire finished it's season, Aaron Bonk went to Pennsylvania! And in this case, there was plenty of space for me to sketch! I was able to catch the second half of the show and see his two most impressive tricks. The first: juggling knives. While balancing a sword on his chin. With another sword balanced on top of that. And spinning. No, really.

The final trick involves setting two whips on fire. Favorite sketch of the day, and done in under two minutes!

After that, back to the stage where I began the day to watch the Sultry Sirens of Sin show (because I'm incapable of resisting good alliteration and the songs are really fun!)

Then I made my way over to the chess board for more action-packed fight sketches! I started with a couple of characters who were interacting with the crowd before human chess started. I was especially happy with this first one!

Next, the court marched in and the Queen spoke.

And then: the fights!

Towards the end I got a quick sketch of Morgane le Fay (who is actually a former classmate of mine!) before she was banished from the chess board.

The Ultimate Joust is one of the last events of the day, and I had been looking forward to it all day for the opportunity to sketch a knight jousting! So here he is:

This one of the Queen watching the joust is another favorite!

Why yes, that's the king with flaming Excaliber. Burning weaponry was a theme for the day, apparently! The sun had started to set, and by the time joust was over I could no longer see what I was sketching. So, instead, I went off to watch Finale in Song and just spectate. Another faire, another wonderful day!




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