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Huzzah! A Sunday at the Ren Faire!

A couple Sundays ago, I traveled up to Tuxedo NY with a couple of friends to go to the NY Renaissance Faire. I have a handful of friends who work there, but managed to make it through last season (and almost this one!) without visiting, so I was due! Naturally, I brought my sketch kit and did a handful of sketches...the costumes are too good to pass up!

A warm-up sketch of a pirate, which ended up being one of my favorites of the day! Sketched at a bar while waiting for the first Rascals and Rogues set.

Managed to sketch every member of Rascals and Rogues during their first set of the day, though I admit I finished painting them after the show! They were so much fun to watch, and even did a couple of my favorite songs!

While I was sketching, my friend Michael was taking photos. He even caught a few of me, and my kit!

One of my DIYed Palette:

My DIYed Palette

One of the sketch in progress:

Sketch in Progress

And one with me and my kit! And yes, I'm wearing a mask. It was Masquerade Weekend!

It was Masquerade Weekend...So yes I'm wearing a mask.

Next up, after a bit of wandering, was a human chess match. I did the first sketch while waiting for the fun to begin.

I did really enjoy sketching the fight sequences, but it was ROUGH y'all! They move super fast so I was just trying to get a post that looked vaguely like something they did at some point. I don't usually sketch people in action (actually, I avoid it at all costs. Hence all the subway sketches of people sleeping!), but perhaps I'll have to change my ways!

Last (or at least, last I sketched) we saw Matt Young sing some Irish tunes! He was joined for one song by my friend, Sarah ("Bridget" for the day). Since she only participated in one song, she never got a face. Sorry, Sarah.

All in all, a wonderful day in the Shire! I'll have to go back again, next year!




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