Art as Gifts: Commission Edition #2

While I'm working on other commissions I can't post, here's a few that I can! These were all done as Christmas presents this past holiday season. This one is of Byer's Peak, a mountain in Colorado. This is the view from Mount Greylock in Massachusetts (I called it "The View from Ilvermorny" while working on it...any Harry Potter fans out there?) This was a favorite...really, any excuse to paint Italy.


This week I had my first class of the semester teaching undergrads scenic art, while also doing a two hour commute (each way) five days a week to help them paint their first show of the semester, packaged and shipped four Etsy orders, am working on a commission, and still had time to do a quick sketch showing how I feel about the prospect of dissolving the National Endowment for the Arts.

Art as Gifts: Commission Edition #1

I mentioned that I've done a lot of commissions in the past few months, and many were either birthday or Christmas gifts (hence a lack of posting here or on instagram, I have a policy about waiting until they have been gifted). I was really excited to see how many people were investing in original art to gift to loved ones! Here's two commissions, more to follow! These two were super important to stay unposted until post-gifting, since they actually depict the faces of the people receiving the paintings as gifts! Both happened to be either commissioned by or for people I went to high school with. This first one was commissioned by my friend Heather for her husband for Christmas, they're both

A Helluva Town

Lately between commissions and things I've been working through some photos I've taken around the city....and I have a LOT of photos I've taken around the city! It's been feeling good to work in 4"x6" format but I might do some a little bigger soon. Both of these have been recently added to my etsy! This first one is the view down 6th Avenue, in late afternoon. The light was too good to pass up! Might do this again, larger, and include the rest of the photo. There was quite a bit cropped out on either side. This is of an intersection in Chelsea, one day when I was walking back to Union Square from Chelsea Market. I didn't get the darks as dark as I wanted to, but was willing to recognize tha

Flashback Friday - Philadelphia

Flashback Friday posts can be easy when you're this behind on posting, but this is actually flashing much further back! I did this over a year ago and just found it still on the watercolor block. It's from one of a whole series of photos I took in Philadelphia in Logan Circle.

"Troop 54"

Today I was able to go to the reading of a play at the Drama Book Shop (previously seen in my Hamilton book signing post)! The play was written by a friend from college (Justin Colombo, I also recommend his baseball blog) and was being recorded for a podcast by Charging Moose Media, the company of someone else I went to college with (Ned Donovan). If you listen to it you just might hear me laughing! The play itself, Troop 54 features a group of boy scouts hiking up a mountain, but as all the children are played by adults (a la 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) it's a little raunchier and there are a few more curses than you would usually expect from a show about boy scouts. And it was

Christmas Magic!

A few days before Christmas, I got a message on my Etsy from Elizabeth Bruns Jewelers; they were looking for a festive watercolor to use on their website and social media for the holiday. It worked out that I had just finished up another job and had the time to make a quick sketch for them! They were lovely to work with and I had a blast.

Playing Catch-up!

Here are a couple of paintings I did over Thanksgiving weekend. I had the photo from Times Square in my "To Paint" folder for a while and wanted to try out a new red pen I had. The whole thing was pretty experimental and fun! This one was inspired by someone asking me about my paintings from Italy, so I went through my photos from Florence and decided from one overlooking the city.


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