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"Troop 54"

Today I was able to go to the reading of a play at the Drama Book Shop (previously seen in my Hamilton book signing post)! The play was written by a friend from college (Justin Colombo, I also recommend his baseball blog) and was being recorded for a podcast by Charging Moose Media, the company of someone else I went to college with (Ned Donovan). If you listen to it you just might hear me laughing! The play itself, Troop 54 features a group of boy scouts hiking up a mountain, but as all the children are played by adults (a la 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) it's a little raunchier and there are a few more curses than you would usually expect from a show about boy scouts. And it was HILARIOUS.

A bonus of going to the reading meant I got to flex my urban sketching muscles; much needed since I've been bad about sketching on the subway and have mostly been too busy with commissions to go out sketching. I didn't get through all the actors, but I sketched a few! Presented here in the order painted. I also got to try out my new #2 Micron pen (it has a flat head so you can get very wide or very skinny lines, check it out in the last couple of sketches!) which was really fun. I think next time I go to a reading I might skip the color and mostly do pen sketches. We'll see!

If you'd like to listen to the play for free, use either itunes or Charging Moose Media to hear the podcast. Enjoy!




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