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Art as Gifts: Commission Edition #1

I mentioned that I've done a lot of commissions in the past few months, and many were either birthday or Christmas gifts (hence a lack of posting here or on instagram, I have a policy about waiting until they have been gifted). I was really excited to see how many people were investing in original art to gift to loved ones! Here's two commissions, more to follow!

These two were super important to stay unposted until post-gifting, since they actually depict the faces of the people receiving the paintings as gifts! Both happened to be either commissioned by or for people I went to high school with.

This first one was commissioned by my friend Heather for her husband for Christmas, they're both musicians/music fans and they love that they're sitting at a piano in this photo. It's also her facebook photo and I still do a little double take every time I see the photo since I spent so long looking at it!

This was commissioned by my friend Pete's mother to commemorate his one year anniversary of being sworn in as a police officer. This was extra challenging because she had three photos she wanted used and I had to figure out how to incorporate them together. In the end I enjoyed the challenge and I was happy with the result!




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