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A Helluva Town

Lately between commissions and things I've been working through some photos I've taken around the city....and I have a LOT of photos I've taken around the city! It's been feeling good to work in 4"x6" format but I might do some a little bigger soon. Both of these have been recently added to my etsy!

This first one is the view down 6th Avenue, in late afternoon. The light was too good to pass up! Might do this again, larger, and include the rest of the photo. There was quite a bit cropped out on either side.

This is of an intersection in Chelsea, one day when I was walking back to Union Square from Chelsea Market. I didn't get the darks as dark as I wanted to, but was willing to recognize that I was going to overwork it if I kept at it so I decided to leave it be! I'm working on getting the darks as dark as I want them to be in fewer passes. Another photo I may work from again in the future!




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