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Playing with Portraits

This upcoming Saturday the NYC Urban Sketching group is doing a portrait event, where we do ten minute portraits and each take a turn as the model. I used this as an excuse to buy myself some new toys, in the form of brush markers and pens. When I accidentally woke up at 6 and couldn't get to sleep again, I decided to look on facebook, pick a friend, and try out some of my new goods (with my trusty watercolors). The marker went well, but the sketchbook I used isn't that accepting of watercolor so that was rougher than it could have been. I did this one in 25 minutes and feel confident with a little practice I can shave that down! Hoping to do one or two sketches on lunch tomorrow (if I have any scenic friends volunteer to be models!), I want to try doing some sketch work with colored pencils under the paint.




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