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10 Brilliant Black Artists

This week I took some time to work on making sure the art I'm seeing in my instagram feed is from a diverse group of artists (I followed some hashtags like #blackartists and #blackgirlartshow to make sure I continue to see new-to-me artists on my feed, and did some intentional searching around to find artists to follow). In the process I found some new favorites! Here are ten of my favorite Black artists, some old favorites and some that were new to me.*

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

Instagram @pamelaphatsimo / Website

Ronni Nicole Robinson

Instagram @iamronnicole / Website

(full disclosure: the second photo is one I took featuring one of her pieces that is in my own collection.)

Nneka Jones

Instagram @artyouhungry / Website

Tawny Chatmon

Instagram @tawnychatmon / Website

Esiri Erheriene-Essi

Instagram @esiri.essi

Raoul Olou

Instagram @raoul_o / Website

Diedrick Brackens

Instagram @deedsweaves / Website

Nastassja E. Swift

Instagram @nastassjaebony / Website

(She also put together her own list of resources, places people can donate funds, and favorite black artists here!)

Ronald Jackson

Instagram @ronald_jackson_artworks / Website

Delita Martin

Instagram @blackboxpress / Website

*I left Kehinde Wiley off the list just because I figure he is likely famous enough by now that everyone knows him. But if you don't, he is a bonus number 11! Google him immediately. ;) I first saw his work in person a few years ago at the Brooklyn Museum and was blown away. If you ever get the chance to see his work in person, do it!




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