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Han and Leia

Months later, I'm still working through commissions I took on before I closed the queue in February! I had gotten multiple requests for the fall, and some of my clients' plans were postponed due to covid so due dates also shifted. Here is a favorite from April; it's always nice when a client requests something you've been wanting to do for a long time anyway! As a result, when I started I had a few ideas of how I wanted to do it and the shots I wanted to use as references. After photoshopping some mock-ups, I ended up using a shot from earlier in the same scene where they speak these lines, but I swapped the sides they were standing on so the text could read left to right and they could be looking at each other (these are actually on two 5x7" pieces of paper rather than one, but still meant to be hung side-by-side). I also played around with their head positions and lines of sight since in reality there is quite a height difference; in this shot Leia is looking up and Han is looking down. Hopefully when you look at it, you don't see all the prep work that went into it, but it's a good example of how much prep work can go into something that appears pretty straightforward!




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