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Sketch'N'Shuffle Workshop

Back in fall 2021, I was recruited onto a friend's Shuffleboard team in the League at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. I ended up loving it, and even though that team dissolved for the winter season, I continued to show up and play. Since I spent that season as a free agent, not on any particular team, I would show up to league nights and play for any team that was down a player. Whenever I wasn't playing, I tried to sketch through as many players as I could. At the end of the season, I had over eighty sketches, and a much better understanding of how to sketch people in motion, in direct watercolor! Above are the sketches from that season.

This summer, I'm teaching a workshop combining these two loves! Participants will spend one hour learning how to play shuffleboard, one hour learning how to sketch people in motion, and an hour "choosing their own adventure" and doing whichever they please. It's part sport, part figure drawing workshop. Participants will receive a mini palette with eight watercolors, and a packet with all the information from the workshop to review later. The workshop will be at The Royal Palms in Gowanus, at 12PM on Sunday July 16th. Tickets and more information available via the button below.





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