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A Few Favorite Follows: Plein Air Edition

When I was doing a live video on my instagram, I was asked about urban sketchers I would recommend following. That was such a big question to answer while painting, so I decided to do a round up over here instead. It's a month or two after the fact, but here are some of my favorite urban sketchers/plein air painters to follow! When in doubt, also look over at the Urban Sketchers Blog and check out the lists of teachers at every symposium! Also, looking at Urban Sketchers on instagram and a lot of the different chapters' instagrams will often repost from a number of different artists, and are great places to find new people to follow! This is not an exhaustive list, but just a handful of my personal favorites! Many of these teach workshops, have authored books, and have learning materials available online.

Stephanie Bower (website / instagram)

Paul Heaston (instagram)

Shari Blaukopf (website / instagram)

Liz Steel (website / instagram)

Uma Kelkar (instagram)

Hugo Costa (instagram)

James Gurney (website / instagram)




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