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This week in Theatre

I was lucky enough to see two really great shows this week! Tuesday my sister and I went to see the Robber Bridegroom, which had beautiful music and was absolutely hilarious. I arrived in Times Square early, so I braved the tourists climbing the steps over the TKTS booth to get a good vantage point for a quick sketch, the first one with my new Daniel Smith Manganese Blue Hue(I finally bought a few of the tubes I tried samples of a few weeks ago!). You'll notice it because there's a pure swatch dead center!

Last night I went to see Pericles at Theatre for a New Audience. I've worked in the building several times but oddly enough have never managed to see a show there. Pericles is one of the few I haven't seen, read, or at least heard a synopsis of, so I really didn't know what I was walking into. It was a stunning production, though the show itself is a little odd. ALL of the Deus ex machina. ALL OF IT! There's nothing a shipwreck, a prophetic dream, or pirates can't solve. A wonderful night of theatre, all things considered. Two for two this week! A perk was having twenty minutes to sketch outside the theatre before heading in, and then getting to sketch some of the players onstage before the show started (they were playing before the show began. I didn't sketch during the show. That would be rude. And challenging because I usually like being able to see what I'm painting). Photography is banned, but no one said anything about sketching! I did the pencil and ink before the show and colored it at intermission.




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