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More Places to see Theatre

This can go with the sketches of Times Square and Theatre for a New Audience in my "Places to See Theatre" collection. I found myself surprisingly unemployed today, so I joined the weekday NYC Urban Sketchers at Lincoln Center. We were really excited when we saw a band (I think of high school students?) setting up to play. It was nice to be entertained with live music while we sketched! However, we learned something about Lincoln Center: the union rules apply to the full Lincoln Center grounds! This means that the rule applying to only union members can move chairs/tables/scenery applies to the grounds, which means that we could not sit in our collapsible stools unless a union worker was hired to assemble and place them for us. So I did this whole thing while standing! And for the last bit, using the top of a trash can as a desk. My life is so glamorous.




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