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My Week in Greenpoint

Sadly a very busy schedule means I haven't had much time for blogging, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sketching! As usual, you can keep up with my instagram for daily (or at least near daily) sketches, but I'm trying to continue my once-a-week blogging at the very least! Even if you don't have instagram, you can check out my instagram feed in the lower right hand side of the site!

This week I spent four of five work days in Greenpoint, working 7AM (!!!) to 6PM. I decided to challenge myself to sketch every day at lunch time and met my goal! Luckily, at this particular shop, we have an hour for lunch which leaves plenty of time to eat, find a location, and sketch.

Day 1: My view from the lunch table! A perk of working in shops is that they sometimes make themselves really nifty things, in this case: two large picnic tables, on industrial casters, that have space underneath to store the benches. So, every nice day, the tables get rolled outside, benches lifted out, and voila! Open air break room. Since I didn't go anywhere for this one, I spent the longest on it, probably about a half hour. Maybe less because I was participating in lunchtime conversation while I sketched.

Day 2: Silk Road Cycles, a couple blocks down the street. This one took me closer to 20 minutes. The biggest challenge were the two parked cars between me and the store, completely obscuring the bikes. So I moved around a bit and faked my way through.

Day 3: This is by far the quickest sketch, at ten minutes flat! It had to be because it was also by far the longest walk. If I walk ten minutes there's a park on the water with this great view of Manhattan that is too good to pass up. So I spent half my lunch break on this, walking to the park, painting, and leaving myself time to walk back comfortably.

Day 4: Definitely the least fun to do, mainly because today's "May" weather felt a little more early April (May's poor attempt at a belated April Fool's joke?). It was chilly and overcast, an unexpected turn from the beautiful weather we had the rest of the week. Luckily it didn't rain until after lunch, so I was able to get a plein air sketch in! This one took 15 to 20 minutes, even though there wasn't much travel time (the post office is just a block from the shop) because I wanted to get back inside!




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