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Saturday in Lower Manhattan

I decided to skip out on the NYC Urban Sketchers event today as it was in the Bronx and required an hour and a half commute each way, and instead decided to go sketching in lower Manhattan. I've mostly been working on commissions, so I needed a break!

I started with two of my favorite eateries, conveniently located on the same street! First up is Freeman's, one of my favorite brunch places (though dinner is also fantastic). If you go, get a side of bacon and the artichoke dip!

Then, I walked down the block to Morgenstern's. They have wonderful, varied flavors, and great atmosphere! It's a bit of a splurge, but totally worth it. After this sketch I went in and had a waffle cone with butter pecan and burnt hazelnut ice cream. So good!

Last, I took the subway to Whitehall to find an intersection I've seen in photos but have never been to. Just a few steps from the oldest paved road in the city, the Delmonico building is an iconic New York City image. The light was gorgeous when I sat down, so naturally it had changed by the time I went to paint it, but I tried to capture the original glow.




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