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Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Last weekend I had friends visiting, and we decided to walk over to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. I've been to the gardens several times (it is, after all, within walking distance from my apartment!) so when we entered the conservatory I let my friends wander at will and walked around until I found something to sketch. I decided on a quick sketch of a bird of paradise flower. The next day I got an email from someone who had inquired about my work (I gave out several business cards while I was sketching) who ended up buying the painting! First time a painting was bought by someone who saw it in progress!

Also, I've been stocking up my etsy page, and am having a Black Friday sale! 15% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY, starting at 12:01 AM Friday, valid through 11:59 PM Monday.




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